40 Días de Oración

Dia 22- Imán Christopher Caras

By Editer User / octubre 15, 2020 / Comentarios desactivados en Day 22 – Imam Christopher Caras

Imam Christopher Caras, Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, PA    America has a history of uniting through hatred and fear. In just a century, we have battled fascism, communism and terrorism, but now we cast the suspicion and hatred against each other. The uneasiness many Americans felt going into election night four years ago has only…

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Dia 21- Anciana Asociada Dorla Coleman Bonner

By Editer User / octubre 14, 2020 / Comentarios desactivados en Day 21 – Associate Elder Dorla Coleman Bonner

Associate Elder Dorla Coleman Bonner, Season of Change Ministries (Elder Corey Lex Cunningham, Pastor), Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, City of Kalamazoo, MI, Member of Gamaliel affiliate, ISAAC    As I reflected on the Common Prayer I was drawn to the phrase – weaver of the warp and weft of history. I love the…

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Dia 20- Rev. David Gerth

By Editer User / octubre 13, 2020 / Comentarios desactivados en Day 20 – Rev. David Gerth

Rev. David Gerth, Executive Director of Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU), Gamaliel affiliate in St. Louis, MO, Co-Chair of Gamaliel State Directors’ Table   Exodus 17:1-17  Give us water to drink. We are thirsty. We need water. We’re dying here.    In the ash-covered lands of the U.S. West’s deadly fires, the earth itself cries out,…

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Dia 19- Hmna. Cheryl Liske

By Editer User / octubre 12, 2020 / Comentarios desactivados en Day 19 – Sister Cheryl Liske

Sister Cheryl Liske, OP (Dominican Sisters of Adrian, MI), Coordinator of Gamaliel Training Department, Member of Gamaliel affiliate MOSES, Detroit, MI   In my morning paper I read that a federal appellate court reversed a lower court’s decision that gave Florida felons the right to vote regardless of outstanding legal financial obligations:  a decision that…

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Dia 18- Rev. Canon Peg Chemberlin

By Editer User / octubre 11, 2020 / Comentarios desactivados en Day 18 – Rev. Canon Peg Chemberlin

Rev. Canon Peg Chemberlin, Former CEO of the Minnesota Council of Churches, Minneapolis, MN   We give thanks and praise that God makes of us one humankind, turns chaos into creation, slavery into freedom, wilderness into community, exile into covenant, suffering into servanthood, hopelessness into promise.  While we so often tear at those relationships, dishonor…

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Dia 16- Obispo J. Drew Sheared

By Editer User / octubre 9, 2020 / Comentarios desactivados en Day 16 – Bishop J. Drew Sheard

Bishop J. Drew Sheard, Pastor, Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ, Detroit, MI Prelate, Michigan  North Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Churches of God in Christ, Member, General Board, Churches of God in Christ                                                 How many lives must America lose before it makes changes? It is untenable that anyone…

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Dia 15- Mary Gonzales

By Editer User / octubre 8, 2020 / Comentarios desactivados en Day 15 – Mary Gonzales

Mary Gonzales, Retired Associate Director of Gamaliel, Founder of Gamaliel and Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, Chicago, IL   This is a time when many of us are depressed about the ugly divisions in our country, the blatant racism, and the oppression of the working class.  It would be easy for us to dip into despair…

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Dia 14- Pardeep Kaleka

By Editer User / octubre 7, 2020 / Comentarios desactivados en Day 14 – Pardeep Kaleka

Pardeep Kaleka, Executive Director, Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, WI [Pardeep is a leader in the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, where in 2015 seven members, including Pardeep’s father, were killed by a white supremacist gunman.]   This year has been a very difficult year for so many as we have been forced to humble ourselves and think…

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Dia 13- Rev. Charles H. Coleman, Sr.

By Editer User / octubre 6, 2020 / Comentarios desactivados en Day 13 – Rev. Charles H. Coleman, Sr.

Rev. Charles H. Coleman, Sr., Ph.D., Pastor, New Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, Saginaw, MI, and Co-chair, Gamaliel National Religious Leaders’ Caucus   As we are coming to the national election of 2020, I ask that all of us reflect on both our responsibility to vote and the necessity of our participation in…

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Dia 12- Pastora Mary Martha Kannass

By Editer User / octubre 5, 2020 / Comentarios desactivados en Day 12 – Pastor Mary Martha Kannass

Pastor Mary Martha Kannass, Hephatha Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, WI Hepatha Lutheran Church is a member of Gamaliel affiliate MICAH   Walk with us, Lord Jesus, as we walk into the voting booth, as we walk to the mailbox, as we mark our ballot, as we cast our vote, so that we do not walk away…

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