MOSES (Detroit) President on fight to protect voting rights ahead of Nov. 3 election

Dr. Keith Whitney, Co-President of Gamaliel affiliate MOSES (Detroit), is no stranger to attempted voter suppression. As a child in Mississippi, his family was targeted when his parents worked to register African-Americans to vote. As an adult, he watched Black South Africans overcome huge obstacles to vote for the first time.
Now, he’s working to protect voting rights in Michigan.
“In Michigan, there are people threatening to strip us of our rights and frighten us at the polls with weapons in hand,” Dr. Whitney writes in Bridge Michigan. “But I will do everything I can to protect our voices at the ballot box, so that you can tell your students, or your child that you stood up to white supremacy and did everything in your power to make this a safer, less divided world for all of us to thrive.”
Read Dr. Whitney’s full article here.
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