Gamaliel network leaders created the African American Leadership Commission in 2003 at an International Leaders Assembly in Merrillville, Indiana. The commission’s purpose was and continues to be:

  1. Identification, training, and development of African Americans to successfully engage the public arena
  2. Organizing people and money to speak truth to power and build just communities while recruiting others to become leaders

The AALC focuses on pastors, lay leaders, and others who have the potential to become organizers, local executive directors, presidents of local organizations, and to progress to positions of greater responsibility in the Gamaliel network.

The Commission has led the way on issue development, as well. At its 2011 gathering, education leaders such as Dr. John Jackson (now of Schott Foundation) and Professor John Brittain spoke with the group and inspired them to build out what has since become one of Gamaliel’s four major campaigns, around education equity, especially addressing suspensions for children of color and building and protecting quality public schools for all children.