Director’s Report March 17, 2020

Director’s Report March 17, 2020


Affiliate’s Development: 


  • WISDOM Ntosake, Catoya Roberts and I went to Madison WI to participate in the planning and development of the Statewide Ntosake group. It was well attended and most of the participants were ready to take on leadership roles. Ntosake 2020 is focused on building state Prides.
  • MICAH Memphis, Meeting with Bishop Talley at the Catholic Diocese of Memphis. MICAH President Rev. Dr. Stacey Spencer, Father Val Handwerker Pastor of Saint Patrick Parish, MICAH Lead Organizer Ayanna Watkins, and I had a great conversation with Bishop Talley. I originally requested the meeting to thank him personally for his support of Gamaliel CCHD Strategic National Grant. He engaged the local team in a brainstorming about parishes that could potentially be recruited to become members of MICAH.
  • UCM, East Saint Louis People’s Forum, this was the best display of leadership that I have seen in a while. Every issue presentation and question was executed powerfully. Rev. Starkey Wilson, President and  CEO of the Deaconess Foundation moderated the forum. I was disappointed with the turnout of targets and stakeholders. I think that UCM needs to “Stay Dangerous” this community has been disrespected long enough!!!


National Funding:

  • Kirsten Levingston, we had a productive strategic conversation with her about how Wellspring’s support can leverage other foundation relationships. She had many suggestions on who to consider and was willing to make the initial contacts. Cynthia is following up with her after she attends several meetings.
  • Jason Garrett, Program Officer | Civic Engagement and Government, Ford Foundation. His notes from our conversation:
    • Jason can reach out to two affiliates for short calls in the next month to better understand the organization
    • Please send list of affiliates to understand how they relate to our priority states 
    • Follow up in April with a call. Cynthia will coordinate with Bryttnee
    • There is no need to send any proposal or anything before I can figure out whether we will invite a proposal, but feel free to always send me documents that are already written and that can give me a better understanding of your work.
    • Lastly, feel free to send me contacts at Wellspring and Casey that are the point people for your support at those institutions
  • Veatch, Domenico Romero, He was not available to meet when we were in NYC. We met via zoom. It was a great call because he is very knowledgeable of organizing and supportive of our work. The purpose of the meeting was to learn about each other and get clear about the renewal logistics. Cynthia is focused on making sure that we meet the deadline. Everything is on track. 


Training Update:

This is the first time in Gamaliel history that we have to postpone a Weeklong Training. The training team has a lot to coordinate moving forward. We have never been here before. 


National Relationships:

Sarah Wilke, Executive Director of The Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville and I had a conversation about how to make sure that neither of our institutions got hurt financially due to the postponing of the Weeklong Training.



After many conversations with staff, leaders and allies in Nashville we  made the decision to postpone NLT1 in Nashville. I don’t know what we are up against but we are staying focused on engaging our leaders and partners.


The Girl Beneath the Sea (Underwater Investigation Unit Book 1) by  Andrew Mayne

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