Criminal Justice Retreat

Kenosha, Wisconsin

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University of Wisconsin Parkside

900 Wood Rd
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Online registration closed, please call Melissa Salinas at 312-357-2639 ext. 107 to register.

Criminal Justice Retreat

If you are working on or about to begin working on Criminal Justice issues

Join us for the Gamaliel Criminal Justice Retreat

At the Gamaliel Criminal Justice Retreat we will:

  • Discuss the common values and goals that compel us to do this work and that bring us together
  • Share successes, hopes, best practices and learnings from the many campaigns in various Gamaliel states
  • Determine how we will incorporate more impacted people into our campaigns and provide specialized training for people engaged in the campaigns
  • Strategize to keep the African-American Leadership Conference at the center of this work
  • Plan common actions throughout Gamaliel as we work for criminal justice reform.

Total cost including room and board is $70 for a double room and $80 for a single room, if you register by May 23rd.  After that date, there will be an additional $25 charge.  Registration ends May 30th.

*Organizers who wish to stay at Univ of WI Parkside until the Organizers Retreat begins on June 11th  may do so for an additional cost of $40.  Please note this on the Criminal Justice Retreat Registration