National Leadership Training II

Turlock, California

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California State University Stanislaus

One University Circle
Turlock, California

To register please call 312-357-2639 ext. 101

Training Packet (required reading pre-training) | Refund Policy

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About this course: The focus of this training is for you to reflect upon what it means to be a leader in the public arena. Effective leadership is imperative if transformation is to take place in your organization, community, or congregation. The emphasis throughout will be on engagement with the participants along with some learning by doing, including hands-on skill practice sessions, feedback from peers and faculty. There will be an opportunity to develop a plan of action for taking these skills back home. It will be to your benefit to be willing to take risks, try to practice new behaviors in dealing with others, re-examine your current strengths/weaknesses and be open to feedback. Our intention is to support your efforts in this regard by creating, during our time together, a learning community that emphasizes self- reflection, introspection, and mutual inquiry as the primary approaches to skill development.

Registration Fees

Please remember that any registration fees for training must be paid in full by the start of training on Sunday. Credit cards cannot be accepted on site. If you do not show up for training OR cancel after 7/25/16 you will incur fees from the facility for room and board up to the cost of registration.

If you have questions about your payment, call the Gamaliel office at 312-357-2639 ext 107.

These are the discounted rates for participants from Gamaliel Affiliates:
a.) $700 for those who register and pay by 7/13/18
b.) $725 for those who register by 7/13/18 but pay later
c.) $750 for those who register after 7/20/18

These discounted rates apply to participants who are sponsored by Gamaliel affiliates. Participants from non-affiliate groups are charged the full rate, which are double these amounts.
Please note your Gamaliel affiliate when registering.