National Training March 2021 – ONLINE

Start Date:


End Date:


Online via Zoom

Pre-Training Packet

The online training will take place Sunday March 21, 2021 through Friday March 26, 2021 via Zoom.


  • Folks will submit an application on our website, including their organizer’s email address, to be considered for training.
  • Gamaliel will send a revised sponsorship form to the applicant and their organizer who will then meet to complete the form online together.
  • The applicant will then be notified whether they are accepted into the March Online NLT. If accepted, Gamaliel will forward a code to register and pay.


  • Applications must be submitted by February 26, 2021.
  • Applicants and sponsors will be notified by March 5, 2021 if your leader is accepted to register for training.
  • Invited Registrations will be accepted March 5 – March 11, 2021. Payment will be due by March 11, 2021.
  • March 5 – March 11, 2021 – Normal Registration
    • $250 for those who register and pay by March 11, 2021
    • $375 for those who register by March 11, 2021 but pay later
    • Registrations after March 11, 2021 will require an additional $100 late fee.


Please remember that any registration fees for training must be paid in full by the start of training on Sunday March 21.

If you do not show up for training OR cancel after March 11, 2021 you will forfeit your $100 registration fee.

If you have questions about your payment, call the Gamaliel office at 312-357-2639 ext 107.

Attendance is limited.


This is not an event open to the general public. This is a training event for the organizers and leaders in our Gamaliel affiliates. All participants must be over the age of 18 and be sponsored by their local affiliate leadership or Gamaliel national staff.

For questions about this training contact any of the Gamaliel Training Team Members:
Angela James, 757 615-1006
Cheryl Liske, 313 320-1192, [email protected]
Juan Soto, 773 972-7119