Training of Trainers

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Start Date:


End Date:


University of WI at Parkside

900 Wood Rd
Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Monday, June 24, 1:00 Central time through Friday, June 28, 5:00 Central time.

See below for Pre TOT schedule, starts earlier and ends later. You can register for TOT and PRE-TOT here.

Open to Paid Professional Organizers in the Gamaliel Network
Fee – $250
You will be assigned to a “training prep group” after you are registered for TOT and before May 1, 2019.

Criteria for participants:

1. Selection criteria

  1. conducting local training w/ senior trainer evaluating
  2. sending leaders to training
  3. committed to attend the TOT at National Leadership Training from 1pm on Monday till 5 PM on Frida
  4. prepared to conduct trainings using peer groups with training mentor and at least one session during Weeklong Training
  5. committed to advance reading and prep work with team
  6. support/endorsement of Gamaliel primary consultant and immediate supervisor

2. Reading and preparation

  1. Weeklong training manual: updated version with additional training designs
  2. Paulo Friere: Pedagogy of the Oppressed (required reading)
  3. Documents provided in advance (also required reading):
      1. The Socratic Method by Chapman
      2. Gamaliel – “Designing an Agitational Training”
      3. NPA 2014 – “Story Telling Worksheet”
  4. Other material related to training/leadership development/the subject of your training should also be part of ongoing review (e.g. Peter Drucker: The Effective Executive is excellent for “Effective Meetings” or “Qualities of a Leader”; biographies of power people are great sources for stories and examples; Trainers and Participants are all asked to make suggestions for reading materials to add to the Gamaliel reading list.
  5. assist in design of “quick quizzes” on basic training content
  6. participate in pre-training preparation w/ senior trainer and team
  7. write weekly reflections in reports:
    1. experience of the previous week that relates to training material;
    2. when did you agitate this week – how did it go?
    3. what agitation are you preparing for the coming week?


Pre-TOT begins 4 pm on Sunday and runs thru Saturday after the NLT evaluation. Pre-TOT participants will be in all sessions and in all evaluation session.  Professional behavior and attire is required. The cost of Pre-TOT is $250

TOT Prep Groups start on or about May 1st and meet 3-4 times before June 14th or one week before the start of training.

Below is the draft scheduled TOT training sessions and content.  TOT participants may schedule other practice session as needed.

TOT participants will be in all training evaluation sessions.  Professional behavior and attire is required.