Affiliate Criminal Justice Issue Campaigns

Nearly all of the 44 Gamaliel affiliates in 15 states are engaged in some kind of criminal justice campaign work.  Those affiliate campaigns (listed below) can be understood as issues that fall at different points on a continuum of priorities.


  • Sustainable community schools
  • Drivers’ licenses for immigrants
  • Early education funding
  • Elimination of out-of-school suspension
  • Restorative disciplines policies and practices
  • School discipline policies

First Contact with Policing

  • Body camera legislation
  • Citizen review/accountability boards
  • Community/police relationships
  • Data collection on pedestrian stops
  • Diversity in police force
  • Police involvement in the schools
  • Racial profiling


  • Alternative courts (e.g., drug) focused on restorative justice—treatment instead of prison
  • Juvenile court reform
  • Local alternatives to prison
  • Raise the age
  • Restorative justice alternatives to youth incarceration
  • Sentencing reform


  • Compassionate release
  • Ending solitary confinement
  • New county jail with family access and increased safety for inmates
  • Release of those eligible for parole
  • Restorative justice practices in prison/jail


  • Ban-the-box (employment and housing applications
  • End parole revocations for non-criminal violations
  • Expungement
  • Transitional jobs
  • Ending mass supervision
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