Gamaliel Alumna: Vanessa Guerra, Former Michigan State Representative and Saginaw County Clerk

“I have often reflected on my Gamaliel training while in office and the impact that it had on my ability to be a problem solver. Helping constituents is the bulk of what I do as a public servant and often times the problems they face are not simple and require me to push back on other leaders in positions of power. Training pushed me to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Often times in public service I meet colleagues who are willing to just accept things as they are because navigating government bureaucracy is overwhelming, but training taught me that actions lead to results. You have to be willing to get creative and to put pressure on other leaders to find a solution. When I find myself feeling helpless, I reread Rules for Radicals as a reminder that the power always exists within the people and that actions speak louder than all the speeches I could ever give.”

— Vanessa Guerra, Saginaw County Clerk

Former Michigan State Representative, 95th District

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