About Us

Gamaliel was founded in 1986 to train community and faith leaders in building political power and creating organizations that unite people of diverse faiths and races.


Our mission is to empower ordinary people to effectively participate in the political, environmental, social and economic decisions affecting their lives. Gamaliel’s diverse members apply their faith and values to the pursuit of equal opportunity for all, shared abundance, and stronger, more prosperous communities.

Our work falls into three main areas:

1. We build strong local organizations

With 44 affiliates and 7 state offices in 17 states, Gamaliel works to build strong metropolitan and statewide organizations. National staff provides consulting, training and support to leaders and staff in local organizations. A survey of organizers and lead staff across the network found that Gamaliel’s national staff is majority women: People of color are about 40 percent of organizers, lead organizers, and directors across the network (56% of organizers across the network are women; 26% are women of color). Learn about our affiliates here.

2. We develop powerful leaders through training

Gamaliel organizes: three national weeklong trainings per year, an advanced leadership/strategic campaigns training every other year, Ntosake women's leadership development training once a year, a biennial Race and Power training, National Religious Leaders Caucus, and national leadership conferences across the country. These events reach more than 1,000 people in a typical year. Learn about our training here.

Download a flyer about our training here.

3. We run influential advocacy & nonpartisan civic engagement campaigns

15 years ago, Gamaliel helped pioneer advocacy and organizing on regional equity, working with partners like John Powell and others. This work continues to be foundational to our policy and issue organizing. Recognizing the job-creation potential of developing and maintaining good infrastructure, and building on local affiliates worker rights’ advocacy, Gamaliel has focused its campaign and jobs work on increasing access to jobs and job training. This is a major focus of current work along with our issue campaigns: criminal justice reform, integrated voter engagement, racial equity, and immigration reform. Learn about our current campaigns here.


Network Updates

Rev. Dr. John Welch talks about the work of Gamaliel on “The Inclusive Voice with Host Pam McElvane”
On July 16, Rev. Dr. John Welch, Gamaliel board chair, sat down with Pamela McElvane, on her weekly radio show, “The Inclusive Voice with Host Pam McElvane” (WCPT Radio 820 AM), to talk about the impact that Gamaliel is having on communities across this country. You can listen to the interview here: https://soundcloud.com/wcpt820/the-inclusive-voice-show-with-host-pam-mcelvane-071622 Pam is…
Introducing Rev. B. De Neice Welch, Ntosake Consultant
Ntosake and Gamaliel are excited to welcome Rev. B. De Neice Welch as our new Ntosake Consultant! Rev. Welch is the Senior Pastor of Bidwell Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended National Leadership training in 2015, and served as Ntosake Chair for five years. She is a longtime leader, and later organizer, with Pennsylvania…
Postcards from the Future: The Race and Power Institute
  The Race and Power Institute is an entity within Gamaliel that aims to create a bridge between race analysis and organizing work and provide ongoing professional development and resources for organizers and leaders within and outside the Gamaliel Network at the intersection of policy, praxis, and philosophy. As we move into Gamaliel’s next 35…
Dominant vs. Transformational Narrative: Mary Lim-Lampe, Genesis
“Genesis has been working to include youth (anyone under the age of 22 years old) into work for many years. The dominant narrative tends to commodify young bodies and faces, while devaluing youth voices and perspectives. These three women are our Summer Internship cohort from 2021.  We are committed to including youth voices because most…