Caminos al Poder: el Reverendo Marlon Tilgham de BRIDGE Maryland

diciembre 15, 2020

Rev. Marlon Tilghman had already cut his teeth as an organizer before he received any formal training.    In 2009, Tilghman organized several community groups from the area around the congregation he pastored in the Baltimore area. His efforts caught the attention of BRIDGE (now Gamaliel statewide affiliate BRIDGE Maryland, Inc.) founder Rev. David Casey,…

Caminos al Poder: Sara Meyer de Quad Cities Interfaith

diciembre 8, 2020

Although Sara Meyer was an active member of Gamaliel affiliate Quad Cities Interfaith (QCI), until recently, she was adamant that she did not want to attend Gamaliel’s National Leadership Training.   Meyer, a member-at-large of the QCI Board of Directors, attended an Ntosake training and a handful of shorter trainings, but struggled with Gamaliel’s agitational…

Capacitación de Gamaliel se Adapta a Pandemia, Prepara Líderes a Construir Poder Bajo Cualquier Circunstancia

diciembre 4, 2020

From Sr. Cheryl Liske, National Training Director and  Senior Trainer: On March 12th, when the World Health Organization declared a pandemic and our lives changed overnight, Gamaliel was threedays away from our week-long National Leadership Training in Nashville. The training obviously wasn’t going to happen, but waiting for the pandemic to end wasn’t going to work…

Charla de Mesa: Raza, Valores de Familia y lo que Decimos en Privado

diciembre 3, 2020

Join us Sunday for “Table Talk: Race, Family Values, and What We Say in Private”. Join Racial Justice Ministries at Scarritt Bennett Center, in partnership with Gamaliel Network, for “Table Talk: Race, Family Values, and What We Say in Private.” The kitchen table is the most powerful piece of furniture in our homes. At the…

El Trabajo IVE en Wisconsin Cambia la Narrativa en Torno a Elecciones, el Rol de Presidiarios en Nuestra Democracia

diciembre 3, 2020

Integrated Voter Engagement is designed to change narratives. In the leadup to the 2020 election, Gamaliel affiliates nationwide used IVE to do just that by growing their bases, moving issue campaigns, and connecting the democratic process to local issues.  But in Wisconsin, Gamaliel statewide affiliate WISDOM worked with first-time voters and incarcerated people to make…

Esfuerzos Entorno a IVE Respiran Nueva Vida a PIIN, Aumentan Perfil de Organización Entre Congregaciones

noviembre 19, 2020

Integrated Voter Engagement (IVE) is a strategy to connect organizers to the communities in which they work; it serves to build a relationship with the community and catalyze future organizing efforts. For Gamaliel affiliate Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN), IVE in the 2020 election season was not just a strategy for building power in the…

Más que Listas: Evento de Ntosake el 19 de Noviembre

noviembre 18, 2020

You’re invited to the November Ntosake Event, More Than Enough. We’ll be working from Cecilia Munoz’s book of the same name to build our local Prides of women ready to step into leadership 2021 is on the horizon and it’s full of promise. Let’s be ready! Gather the women in your organizations together and get…

40 Días de Oración y Reflexión Cierra con Tiempo de Oración Posterior a las Elecciones, Procesamiento — y Planificación

noviembre 6, 2020

With election results still undecided, nearly 100 members of the Gamaliel community gathered on November 4 to close out 40 Days of Reflection on Our Journey to the Polls – and to look toward the future.   The event was more than 40 days in the making. On April 15, the Gamaliel National Religious Leaders Caucus(GNRLC) …

Día de las Elecciones - Rev. Dr. John C. Welch

noviembre 3, 2020

    The Daily Reflection on Our Journey A message from Rev. Dr. John C. Welch, Chair of the Gamaliel Board of Directors, on Election Day Read All of the Daily Reflections on Our Website

¡Unase a Nosotros para una Reunión de Oración y Planificación Posterior a las Elecciones el 4 de Noviembre!

octubre 27, 2020

The election is just a week away.  The outcome is unclear at this point and may still be unclear the day after the election; but we do know that regardless of the outcome, our nation is in need of healing and direction. The Gamaliel National Religious Leaders’ Caucus and WISDOM, the Gamaliel statewide affiliate in…