Civil Rights of Immigrants Retreat

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Gamaliel Derechos Civiles Pro-inmigrante Retiro 2023
Gamaliel Civil Rights for Immigrants Retreat 2023

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Toddhall Retreat Center
320 Todd Center Dr, Columbia, IL 62236
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Immigration has been a topic of ongoing debate and discussion, and it’s crucial that the voices of those who are affected by immigration policies are heard. That’s where you come in. By joining us at this strategic planning retreat, you’ll be part of a movement to create a national campaign issue that will support millions of immigrants across the United States.

Through workshops and sessions, you’ll learn about power analysis and how different levels of government work, civic engagement, and integrated voter engagement, as well as local issue workshops. By the end of the retreat, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to make your voice heard and be part of a team that is advocating for the rights of immigrants.