Important Training Policies

In order to create an atmosphere most conducive to each participant’s training experience we have developed a few policies for participation.



First and foremost, all participants must be sponsored by a Gamaliel affiliate organization. The organizer or a key leader of the Gamaliel affiliate must meet with the participant and complete the “Sponsorship Form” before the training begins. The participant should complete the “Leader Reflection Form.” These forms are available on the training registration page of the Gamaliel website.


Special Accommodations

The training conference sites are listed on the website for your information only. All arrangements regarding accommodations need to be made through the Gamaliel Office. If you have special needs please list them on the training registration or call the Gamaliel Office at 312-357-2639. We encourage you to call your local staff organizer or the Gamaliel Office if you have any questions.


Age Requirement

All participants in our general Gamaliel trainings must be at least 18 years of age.  Special trainings of younger participants may be offered as required.  Children of our participants are not allowed to stay in Gamaliel provided accommodations nor can they accompany our participants to the training sessions.


Therapy Animals at Gamaliel Trainings

Your attendance at a Gamaliel event with a therapy animal is subject to site restrictions and requires the approval of your Gamaliel Sponsor. You will need a prescription letter from a licensed doctor or therapist to be able to legally categorize your animal as an emotional support animal. Please call the Gamaliel office at 312-357-2639 for training specific information and requirements.



Gamaliel makes every effort to secure ADA compliant training sites. It is the responsibility of the participant and/or sponsoring affiliate organization to inform the Gamaliel office of any special needs.


Policy regarding payment of fees for National Training

  • No one will be allowed to attend National Training without having paid in advance
  • No one from organizations who owe training fees from previous sessions will be allowed to attend National Training
  • Participants from organizations who are not affiliates in good standing will be charged a non-affiliate rate – this extra charge may be credited to their account if/when they become affiliates in good standing

The only exception to these policies must be approved by the Coordinator of Training or the Gamaliel Executive Director.


Fees may be paid in advance in at least four ways:

  1. On-line at
  2. Calling in a credit card number to the Gamaliel office: 312-357-2639
  3. Bringing a check to registration at the training session
  4. Mailing payment in time to reach the Gamaliel office at least four days before training begins: Gamaliel, 5401 S. Cornell Ave., Suite 301, Chicago, IL Be sure to include a note that indicates the purpose of the payment.

Of these, it is recommended that the third option be used only as a last resort. Anyone who comes to training without payment will be turned away.