March NLT – Gamaliel National Leadership Training (English)

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Villa Maria Conference Center, Villa Maria, PA

Registration is currently open at the link below.

This 7-day residential training presents the concepts and tools a leader needs to live out their values in the real world. It affords participants the opportunity to reflect on their present and future roles in their Gamaliel affiliate and in the public arena. The method is Socratic. The style is agitational. 

This training is open to sponsored and properly oriented participants from our Gamaliel affiliates.  Non-affiliated persons must be sponsored and oriented by Gamaliel staff and pay the non-affiliated fee of $1500.  Participation is subject to availability.  (Read the Training Flyer for more information.)

March 20-26, 2022 – Villa Maria Conference Center, Villa Maria, PA.  Begins Sunday night 7:00 pm and ends 11:30 Saturday morning.  Training fee = $750. 

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