Ntosake Women’s Leadership Training

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Lake Williamson Conference Center, Lake Williamson, IL

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Through listening to women’s unique stories, and valuing relationship building, Ntosake has been built as a leadership development program giving women the tools to build power to transform their lives, their organizations, and their communities. This 4-day training uses the attitudes, arts, disciplines and spirituality of organizing to raise up women and women’s issues in the Gamaliel network. 

This training is open to sponsored and properly oriented participants from our Gamaliel affiliates.  Non-affiliated persons must be sponsored and oriented by Gamaliel staff and pay the non-affiliated fee of $790.  Participation is subject to availability.  (Read more or the Data Sheet for each training) 

September 21-24, 2022 – Lake Williamson Conference Center, Lake Williamson, IL – Begins Wednesday, night 7:00 pm (Dinner at 5:00 pm) and ends 12:30 Saturday morning (lunch included).  Affiliate training fee = $395 double occupancy and $495 for single occupancy. 

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