Table Talk: Race, Family Values, and What We Say in Private

Join us Sunday for “Table Talk: Race, Family Values, and What We Say in Private”.
Join Racial Justice Ministries at Scarritt Bennett Center, in partnership with Gamaliel Network, for “Table Talk: Race, Family Values, and What We Say in Private.”

The kitchen table is the most powerful piece of furniture in our homes. At the kitchen table, families engage in conversations about what happened during the day; they laugh and cry and fight at the table. While these conversations are private—and sometimes even secret—they shape how we view the world and the way that we act in the public arena.

Scarritt Bennett Center invites you to a table talk with Gamaliel Network leaders where together we explore the impact—especially at this time in our shared history—of the kitchen table through storytelling and self-examination.



Date & Time: Sunday, December 6 at 2:00 pm (Central)

Where to Watch: Live on our Facebook page

Featured Panelists


Rev. Michael L. Atty


Rev. Michael L. Atty, MBA, MDiv, is the Executive Director for United Congregations of Metro (UMC) East located in East St. Louis. Rev. Atty has been organizing with the Gamaliel Network for seven years, first as a leader then as a community organizer with Metropolitan Congregations United. Rev. Atty became Executive Director of UCM in 2019.


Rev. Atty works in the areas of racial equity, environmental racism, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

Ponsella Hardaway


Ponsella Hardaway is the executive director of MOSES. Hardaway has a long history of working for left-of-center and liberal organizations. She serves as a national trainer with the Gamaliel Network, working to teach religious leaders how to use their position in communities to push political agendas.


Hardaway is also a member of the board of directors for the ACLU-Michigan.

Angela K. James


Angela K. James is a Senior Organizer with the Gamaliel Network, having organized in the Network for more than 20 years. James serves as a project consultant to Gamaliel affiliates in Michigan, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, and as a Senior Trainer who has trained across the United States and in Kenya, as well as in several provinces in South Africa. James is the staff director for Ntosake, the Gamaliel women’s leadership development program.



Most recently, James has led a team of organizers to build Gamaliel’s Race and Power Institute.

Rev. Cynthia Jarrold


Rev. Cynthia Jarrold is the National Policy Director for Gamaliel. In that role, Rev. Jarrold has organized issue campaigns for Gamaliel’s transportation and infrastructure table and has shaped policy and issue campaigns around public education and civil rights for immigrants.


Rev. Jarrold has also played a major role in implementing Gamaliel’s long-term agenda to create structural racial equity and to build people’s control of government and the economy.

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