Gamaliel @ 35

Gamaliel Network was founded in 1986 with a mission to train ordinary people to powerfully participate in the political, environmental, and social decision that affect their lives. We've been building power ever since.

As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, we're reflecting on our past and looking forward to the future we want to build together. A big part of that future is the Race and Power Institute (RAPI), an entity within Gamaliel that that will provide training to our affiliates to build power around ussues of racial equity and racual equity curriculum to outside organizations. RAPI will launch at our Race and Power in America Summit in December. We will also celebrate the end of Gamaliel@35 at the Summit.

Will you join us on the path to Gamaliel @ 50 — and find your own path to power along the way?

Postcards from the future

At Gamaliel, we're always moving forward. In these stories, we share what we're planning for later this year and beyond.

Why I invest

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Meet Our Leaders

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Gamaliel Alumni

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On the Shoulders of Giants

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Growing Up Gamaliel

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