Press conference tomorrow on release of Gamaliel Hate Crimes and White Nationalism Theological Statement

You are invited to join a press conference tomorrow about the release of the Gamaliel Hate Crimes and White Nationalism Theological Statement. See details in the media advisory below.




Contact:  Rev. Cynthia Owen Jarrold /(913) 219-3198


Faith Leaders from the Gamaliel Network Release Hate Crimes/White Nationalism Theological Statement

CHICAGO, Illinois—The National Religious Leaders of the Gamaliel Network today released a Theological Statement regarding Hate Crimes and White Nationalism.  A press conference to provide further framework for the statement is scheduled via Zoom for Thursday, April 16, at 2:00 p.m. CDT.  The press conference is open to the public, but all participants must register at:

The purpose of this statement is to identify from the viewpoint of spiritual leaders some of the expressions of racism that we see in our nation, and to name how these actions disagree with our common theological teachings.  Those attending the press conference will hear from Gamaliel religious leaders, as well as folks in our communities who are directly impact by this disparity.

“As we look at the impact of Covid-19, we notice differences in its impact upon some of our communities.  Health care specialists and the media are addressing the disparity of illness and death in the minority communities, and exploring the causes for this disparity,” said Rev. Marian Boyle-Rohloff, co-chair of the Gamaliel Religious Leaders’ Caucus.  “We know that the lack of available health care, proper nutrition, and education are some of the precipitate causes of this disparity, and we know that these factors are perpetuated by the systemic, structural racism of American society.  This pandemic gives us another opportunity to examine our society through the lens of racism and look for ways to bring our nation to be more just and equitable.”

A copy of the Hate Crimes and White Nationalism Theological Statement can be found at this  (LINK).

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