$10 Million Academy teaches affiliates to organize money as well as people

Gamaliel launched the $10 Million Academy on Monday, February 22, with 38 organizers and leaders from nine states participating. Attendees learned more about the difference between diffuse and diverse funding sources through stories about fundraising experiences shared by Lora McDonald, Executive Director, MORE 2, and David Liners, Executive Director, WISDOM.

Rev. Cynthia Jarrold, Gamaliel National Policy Director, presented best practices for creating a funder prospect list; and Jay Schmitt, Gamaliel Senior Advisor (and retired Chief Operating Officer), introduced them to the cash flow chart. Participants will come back to Session 2 having created both of the tools for their local and/or state affiliate.

The Gamaliel $10 Million Academy is a four-session training course designed to: 1) train organizers and key leaders in the tools and strategies needed to get their “financial houses” in order; 2) create a narrative and a culture of accountability and investment at the local, state, and national levels of the network; and 3) begin raising “real” dollars in order to achieve our mission.

For more information, contact Cynthia Jarrold, [email protected] or (913) 219-3198.

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