This Mothers’ Day let’s take action to make a pathway to citizenship a reality for our immigrant mothers!

#JusticeforDACAMoms #JusticeforUndocuMoms

On Sunday, May 10, millions of people in the U.S., Mexico, Latin America, and parts of Europe and Asia will celebrate Mothers’ Day.  It is meant to be a day of celebration—to honor Mothers and their powerful contributions to our families and our communities.  For many, even during the pandemic, it will be just that.

For millions of DACA and undocumented mothers in the U.S., however, it will be ANYTHING but that.  These mothers—many of whom are essential, frontline workers in this pandemic—know the terror of an Administration that has determined to rid the U.S. of “illegals” by increasing detentions and deportations at the cost of destroying families, communities, and local economies.  These mothers know the anxiety of awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision—due out no later than the end of June—on the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Let’s honor ALL of our Mothers by taking action TODAY AND THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND to keep them together with their families and communities!  Below are three graphics with images and descriptions of DACA Moms.  Download one—or all three—and post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with messages like the following:

  • Let’s end the tears of our DACA and undocumented Moms and provide them with a real pathway to citizenship! #JusticeforDACAMoms #JusticeforUndocuMoms
  • A Mother’s Love is permanent.  Let’s make DACA permanent for her, too!  #JusticeforDACAMoms #JusticeforUndocuMoms
  • All Moms are welcome here!  #JusticeforDACAMoms #JusticeforUndocuMoms
  • We will remember our Mothers’ tears in November 2020.  #JusticeforDACAMoms #JusticeforUndocuMoms

You can tag elected officials, community leaders, and your network of contacts using any of these social media platforms.  The point is to “storm” them TODAY AND THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND with a narrative that makes clear the value of our immigrant Moms and the importance of creating a real pathway to citizenship for them . . . and don’t forget to use the campaign hashtags: #JusticeforDACAMoms #JusticeforUndocuMoms

Acting together, we can keep our families, communities, and local economies strong!

Download Here

Download Here

Download Here

Share these pics on your social media of choice – Twitter, Facebook IG, etc.

  • Add one of the graphics provided
  • Write your message
  • Add the campaign hashtags #JusticeForDACAMoms, #JusticeforUndocuMoms 
  • Make sure to tag your House Representative, your Senators and @JoeBiden so they get the message.
  • Add @Gamaliel too!
  • Post Away all day today & through the weekend for a Comprehensive Immigration Reform!
  • Get 3 others to post as well!
  • Use the hashtags. Tag your Congresspeople, Federal Senators and @JoeBiden to make sure they get the message.

Don’t know your Congresspeople?

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