Undocufund has been reactivated to respond to needs of immigrants during COVID-19 pandemic!

I received word over the weekend from Susan Shaw, Executive Director of our affiliate in Sonoma County, North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP), that it had been necessary to reactivate the Undocufund to respond to the needs of immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may remember that NBOP, along with other partner organizations, established Undocufund to respond to needs for shelter, food, clothing, and basic necessities of life for our undocumented sisters and brothers in the region as a result of wildfires that swept through and devastated Sonoma County in 2017 and 2019.

As I am sure you are aware, many of our undocumented community members work in temporary or low-wage jobs, without access to sick leave or the ability to work remotely. Immigrants, many of them undocumented, do essential work that sustains us all; yet, they do not have access to resources that can sustain them through the pandemic. The reactivated Undocufund will assist by providing some of those resources.

I ask you to read the following letter, prayerfully, and then to respond generously.

In solidarity,

 Ana Garcia-Ashley

Download Letter Here

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