Giving Tuesday: A Sankofa Moment!

A few years ago, DeMarco Davidson, Executive Director of Metropolitan Congregations United (Gamaliel’s affiliate in St. Louis), introduced the concept of Sankofa to our National Leadership Training. While the concept was new to many of us, we quickly realized its power.

“Sankofa” is a word that comes from the Akan people of the West African nation of Ghana. Translated it means “go back and fetch [or get] it.” The image associated with Sankofa is that of a bird with its feet firmly planted and clearly poised to move forward while its head is turned backward with a precious egg in its beak.

For us in the Gamaliel Network, this season of the year is a Sankofa moment. It is a moment to look backward and to celebrate what we have achieved. It is also a moment to assess what is most important to carry forward from the past as we declare our pathway forward.

Beginning with Giving Tuesday 2023—November 28—and on the Tuesdays that follow through the end of the year, we will be sharing more with you from our Sankofa moment and inviting you to invest in our long-term transformational work—creating structural racial equity, building people’s control of government and the economy, and expanding the public sphere.

Thank you for the continued support of the Gamaliel Network!

Cynthia Jarrold Gamaliel Sr. Advisor for Funding Strategies and External Affairs


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