Postcard from the Past: 1986



The Gamaliel Foundation is part of a long tradition of community organizing in Chicago. It was founded as an organizing institute in Chicago in 1986 by Greg Galluzzo, and from the beginning it has trained community and faith leaders to build political power and create organizations that unite people of across races, genders, and faith traditions. We quickly built a base of community organizations in Chicago, Davenport, Gary, Milwaukee, Youngstown, Cleveland, Minneapolis-St. Paul, St. Louis, Detroit, and Pittsburgh, and eventually in cities on the coasts and in the south. As the number of affiliates grew, so did the need for more coordinated work, and Gamaliel began its transition into a national network of affiliates that both address local issues and participate  in coordinated national campaigns. Today, Gamaliel has grown into a network of 40+ affiliate organizations in 14 states.

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