From our affiliate in Ohio, ACTION

ACTION STATEMENT ON Mr. George Floyd Killing

May 28, 2020

ACTION membership is very disturbed and concerned by the murder of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota by four policemen several days ago. ACTION mission states that we are “Guided by our faith traditions, shared values, and multi-cultural collaboration. We strive to develop a community of diverse leaders that are committed to raising awareness and seeking solutions to overcome poverty, racism, and social injustice.” Certainly the death of Mr. Floyd was unjust, and an outright case of an example of White Privilege and an example of overt demonstration of the existence of racism in our country that have ballooned over the past three and half years. Mr. Floyd did not deserved to die by a White cop’s knee on his neck for eight to nine minutes while telling him that he could not breathe, and in handcuffed which suggests that he was not a threat to their safety. The membership of ACTION offers prayers to the family impacted, and to all people of color who are mistreated just because of the color of their skin. These types of actions and mistreatments of all people must stop in this country. The senseless killing of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and many others must stop! ENOUGH!

Dr. Jim Baber, President
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