From our affiliate on the frontline, ASAMBLEA DE DERECHOS CIVILES

Hello friends, allies, brothers and sisters of the GAMALIEL network:

With deep sadness and frustration, I’m reporting that ASAMBLEA DE DERECHOS CIVILES is committed to find justice against an out of control police state that is perpetuating the killing in our communities of color.  The murders are increasing; from Eric Garner in NY, Michael Brown in MO, Philando Castile in MN, Ahmaud Arbery in GA, and the most recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN.  The system is broken and the tragic list of victims is growing.

Yesterday, May 28, ASAMBLEA DE DERECHOS CIVILES, an affiliate of the GAMALIEL network in Minnesota, stood in solidarity with other organizations at the Hennepin County Government Center to demand  justice for the craven murder of our brother George Floyd.  At the same time we call upon our community to be committed to a nonviolent movement in the search for equity and justice for ALL of our people.  It is time to stop enabling, sanctifying, and then protecting killer cops in our communities. We demand that all four of these terminated former police officers be brought to swift and appropriate justice. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep organizing and to reject this heinous system that through police brutality reinforces systemic and institutional racism.

Pablo Tapia, Founder and Executive Director, ASAMBLEA DE DERECHOS CIVILES

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