Organizing 101, part 3: World as it is vs. How it could be

As Gamaliel community organizers, we do our work because we recognize the injustice in our world —  simply, we strive to see the world as it really is. While our work is also a radical act of hope and we go to this effort because we believe that we can transform our world, we also recognize that clinging to a utopian fantasy keeps us from engaging with real injustice and dispossession.

Gamaliel’s organizing is based on a set of shared values–many rooted in our diverse faith traditions. We are called to work toward “a new world” marked by justice, compassion, hope, shared abundance, and radical inclusiveness.  We build power to transform the world as it is into the new world envisioned by people of faith and good will, and we are committed to training ordinary people to participate in that transformation. That means being realistic about the world we live in and unabashedly hopeful that the world we want is attainable.