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Leader Spotlight: Michael Okinczyc

Michael is the Lead Organizer of VOICE-Buffalo. In addition to his full time work as an organizer he is attending Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, NY and pursuing an masters degree in Religious Philosophy and Political Philosophy. He grew up in San Diego, California. Currently, Michael is living in Buffalo, New York. Michael…

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Leader Spotlight: Pat Kerrigan

Pat is a life-long resident of Youngstown, Ohio. In addition to his J.D. Law and Master’s in Criminal Justice, Pat is working on his dissertation for a Ph.D. in Public Policy from Kent State University. He was an attorney for 30 years, including Youngstown Municipal Court Judge in criminal justice for 10 years. Pat is…

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Leader Spotlight: Rita Aguilar

Rita grew up in Pilsen, a neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois and she has lived there for most of her life. She is the Vice President of the Pilsen Neighbors Community Counsel (PNCC), which is an affiliate of Gamaliel and she has been working there for about ten years. In 2010, Rita had participated in the…

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