Gamaliel demands comprehensive immigration reform for all from our presidential candidates!

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The Democratic National Convention begins tonight followed next week by the Republican National Convention.  As political parties make the case for electing their presidential candidate, it is critical for us to make clear our demand for comprehensive immigration reform for all.

We urge you to use social media to get the word out TODAY.  If you are new to Twitter or Instagram, take a look at this helpful resource that can get you started.  Select an image from any of those in the right hand column (or create your own) and then attach a message.  Your message can be as simple as the one that follows . . .

“Our immigrant communities demand a bold progressive action from all presidential candidates.  We demand a comprehensive Immigration Reform for All!”

Use any of the images in the right hand column, and don’t forget the following hashtags . . .

@JoeBiden @HowieHawkins @Jorgensen4POTUS @realDonaldTrump
#CitizenshipForAll #DACAmented #HomeIsHere #ChooseUs #DNC

Together we can secure the transformation of our immigration system that our communities need and deserve!

Gamaliel Civil Rights for Immigrants Campaign Team

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