Gamaliel bringing hope for transformation into 2020

A note from Ana Garcia-Ashley, Executive Director

Hi [[First_Name]],
In my faith tradition, we sing a song during this season of the year:  “In the Bleak Midwinter.”  The carol speaks of the misery and desolation of the world into which God entered, bringing the gift of hope to all of the creation.
Today many in our communities are experiencing misery and desolation.  Some of us despair of ever finding economic stability.  Some of us fear being deported and separated from all that we love.  Some of us grieve 400 years of racial oppression in this country with seemingly little hope for finding true racial equity.  Some of us agonize over the divisions made worse by politicians who refuse to act courageously and put the people first.  Some of us exist in spaces of deprivation—inadequate healthcare, water, food, living wage jobs, employee protections, and more.
This is the world in which Gamaliel was formed, and this is the world that Gamaliel has been called to transform.  We, representing diverse faith and ethical traditions, are bringers of hope!
As you celebrate this holiday season and prepare for 2020, recommit yourself to our shared mission:
  • to train ordinary people, primarily in low-income communities and communities of color, to effectively participate in the political, environmental, social, and economic decisions affecting their lives; and
  • to build a diverse corps of grassroots leaders committed to transforming the systems and structures that perpetuate racial and economic inequity.
And on January 1, let’s be ready to act powerfully, together, on our mission!  I am grateful for you!
Wishing you peace during this holiday season and into the new year,