Gamaliel of California
2010 Irving Ave.
San Diego, California 92113

President – Victoria Jimenez-Morales

Fuerzas Unidas
PO Box 7503
Stockton, California 95267

Chair – Moraima Arias
Primary Contact – Erica Fernandez Zamora, [email protected]
Spanish Contact – Erica Fernandez Zamora, [email protected]

Note: The Fuerzas Unidas website is currently under construction. Please reach out to Erica Fernandez Zamora for more information about their work. 

Justice Overcoming Boundaries
4011 Ohio Street
San Diego, California 92105

Co-Chairs – Sergio Rivera and Kenneth Herman
Primary Contact – Nedy Velazquez, Organizer [email protected]
Spanish Contact – Nedy Velazquez, Organizer [email protected]

2501 Harrison Street
Oakland, California 94612

President – Rev. Ray Pickett
Primary Contact – Mary Lim-Lampe, [email protected]
Spanish Contact – Nedy Velazquez, [email protected]