Leader Spotlight

Leader Spotlight: Father Richard Creason

By Katie Dubielak | February 18, 2013

Father Richard Creason was born and raised in the St. Louis, Missouri area and is pastor at Most Holy Trinity Parish in St. Louis, Missouri. Most Holy Trinity is a small, but mighty congregation with about 175 parishioners and is a part of Gamaliel Affiliate, Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU).  How did your work with Gamaliel…

Leader Spotlight: Father Fred Thelen

By Katie Dubielak | February 18, 2013

Father Fred Thelen has been pastor at Cristo Rey Church since 1993. Before that he was working in the Lake Titicaca area of Peru for five years as an associate missionary with Maryknoll, the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America. Father Fred grew up in Fowler, Michigan, a small German-Catholic rural community. For Father Fred,…

Leader Spotlight: Father Rudy Juarez

By Katie Dubielak | January 18, 2013

Father Rudy hails from Iowa City, Iowa and has been a part of the Gamaliel organization for over 20 years. Most of his work has been associated with St. Patrick Parish. He has an undergraduate degree from St. Mary’s University of Texas, as well as a Master’s degree in Divinity from Notre Dame University. He…